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Hard to explain the different sound...
JACK, hard to explain the different sound.  I would say people think "wow, I wonder what's under the hood??"  as far as HP
a definite seat of the pants dyno tells me it was a great improvement.  The engine pulls harder and revs faster to the redline
and wants to go more.
Thanks Again,
David Simpson

Headers Arrived ! Thank You ! WOW is all I can say NICE.  Glad I found your contact number.
Thanks Again
John Clarke


Thanks Jack, you're a man of your word...
Hey gang.. just thought I'd drop a note about Mcjacks Headers...two weeks ago we ordered
a set of ceramic coated headers for a bb project car and upon opening the box last week
we discovered one of them (drivers side) was not up to par...after calling in the A.M. we realized the
time difference from Ohio to Cal...spoke to them at 1pm dst and Jack could not have been nicer or
moor accommodating..that was on Monday of this week...After pursuing the usual "send it back routine"
as we all have been through with other vendors, Jack actually said he would send a replacement with a
PERFECT!...man -o- man this is the highest level of trust I have ever experienced with other vendors...he
sent it Express because he knew we wanted to work on this over the weekend and did not require
another payment to be credited after the part was returned to him!!...anybody wanna buy a drivers side
cast iron header, ceramic coated with 66#s on it?...LOL!!...A+ Vendor in my book!
Frank Iafolla


Thanks for the fast service...
Hi, headers have just arrived.  Didn't know they were overnight.
Thanks for the fast service.  Will let you know how the install goes.  Not sure when I
will put on.
Chris Bresolin


They look nice!...

Received my headers yesterday, they look nice !



I have a set of your manifold replacement headers and love'em...

I wanted to ask you if you know of anyone that ever did a dyno test with your Big block manifold replacements compared to the stock manifolds?

I have a set of your manifold replacement headers and love'em.

Just curious if anyone ever put them on a dyno against the stock manifiolds.  They have to be an improvement over the manifolds as far as performance.  The stock vette BB manifolds werent terrible compared to some of GM's manifolds but I have to think your design is a vast improvement for power.




The Extra effort we put in really paid off...
Thank you for completing the custom exhaust for my 73 big block.  The correct stainless steel tips were important to me, so I think all the extra effort we put in really paid off in the final product.  I like the look of the headers bolted on to the stock engine, and I believe it helps keep the engine compartment cooler.  I enjoyed driving home with taht new growl, which is unbelievable when the secondaries kick in.  We will do another project soon


Installed like a charm...

I just wanted to let you know that I installed the headers, last week, along with a new "true dual" exhaust system, they installed like a charm and are the same part numbers as the headers I removed, which are still in pretty good shape.  Anyway, thanks for sending these quickly as you did last November....they really look nice in the engine bay...

Regards from Canada
Dave Jeggo



Headers are just as nice as the picture on the website!


  Thinking about putting them in my living room instead...
Hi Jack, I got my headers on Friday, they look great!  Thinking about putting them in my living room instead :-)
Do you know Jack?
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